Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a unique financial tool that provides needed funds, often when they are needed the most. Families rely on breadwinners to maintain the financial aspects of their everyday lives, and life Insurance protects families from the financial hardship that could arise from the death of a breadwinner.  In addition to providing the financial security for a family to remain in their current lifestyle, life insurance can provide immediate funds for:

  • College Funding: Provides a funding source for college education of children or grandchildren.
  • Debt Protection: Generates cash to pay off an existing mortgage or other personal debt.
  • Wealth Creation: Provides funds to leave as an inheritance or to equalize inheritances among family members.
  • Estate Tax Liquidity: Creates liquidity to pay estate taxes rather than requiring liquidation of existing estate assets.
  • Gifting Leverage: Leverages the use of the annual gift tax exclusion, the lifetime exemption, and/or Generation Skipping Transfer Tax exemption.

After an analysis of your situation, Lucas Insurance Advisory will recommend the amount of coverage, the type of insurance, then shop the market to ensure you are placed with a sound carrier at the most cost effective premium. Personal life insurance protects families from the financial hardship of the loss of a breadwinner.

Experience with Large Case Underwriting

Acquiring significant amounts of life insurance can be a complex task, requiring experience that differs from placing smaller amounts.

Lucas Insurance Advisory has a long history in working with the challenges that arise in large case underwriting, including medical and financial underwriting and navigating the reinsurance markets.

Because we work with several carriers in the market, we have the ability to “informally underwrite” large cases in the life insurance market, creating an auction environment, which results in the most optimally priced policies for our clients.